Vote 2.0

The 2016 presidential election was the first election I ever voted in.

I posted this on Election Day and not to really go too deep but wow what a different person I was back then. But everything I said in that post still stands.

In 2016 I went to bed feeling hopeless and let me tell you, I’m fucking tired of feeling hopeless.

So I urge you all to vote. Make your voices heard. And if you’re too young to vote or are unable to vote for other reasons? Urge your family or friends that are eligible to go out and cast a ballot.

I’ve done my part. I donated to a lot of campaigns and my ballot was turned in a few weeks back. This was the first presidential election that my sister got to vote in and we turned our ballots in together.

And now

If you need to know where to vote look here.

And if you’re concerned about your ability to exercise your right to vote, check out this website.



I just want to take today’s post as an opportunity to urge anyone reading this who is a US citizen to get out there and vote today. Make your voice heard!

This is such an amazing right that we have and we should never throw that away.

I voted for those who can’t vote, and for those who never got the opportunity. For the women who fought for the vote that I would one day have. For the children who are going to grow up in this country. For every single person that was ever told that they couldn’t vote.

I vote for my future, for my siblings futures, for everyones future. And I urge you to do the same.


If you’re not sure where to vote, Google provided this very helpful link:

So get out there and make a difference.

Have a wonderful day everyone, and make history.