My Favorite Videos To Watch (Play in the Background) While Reading

In a huge turn of events, I have started to quite quickly lose my ability to concentrate on reading anything if I have any background noise in which words are being spoken. This has never been an issue for me in the past and while I’m definitely sad that I can no longer mindlessly listen to a show on Netflix while I read, the situation has turned me on to some new videos that I want to share with you today!

Before, I would put on shows like Parks and Recreation or something short like that or as of late have really enjoyed watching reading vlogs. The only issue though is that now I’ve started to get caught up on the words that are being spoken instead of being able to zone them out. Cue me then reading the same sentence four times and still not being able to understand it.

But since I don’t do well with absolutely no background noise, I’ve turned to “aesthetic” background noise type videos in order to get by and still be able to read. This post was actually inspired in part by Zoe Herdt’s (readbyzoe on Youtube) newest video where she just reads in real time:

I actually watched this three times on Sunday while I was working on getting some reading in for various blog posts! It’s so peaceful and I really hope that she makes more like this. It felt like I was just sitting around reading with a friend and I loved it!

Some of the other videos I’ve found that I absolutely love are these:

These all have been super helpful for me in trying to be more productive with reading and give me that much needed background noise that my brain requires. Also these videos are all so creative and wonderful and I’m very grateful for the content creators who made them! Like that Howl’s Moving Castle themed video is six hours long!! Amazing!

So with that, I’ll sign off and get back to reading because I’m quite behind and have much to do. Talk to you all tomorrow!

Inspiration: Videos

I collect inspiration. Pictures, quotes, videos, a combination of them all. You name it, I probably have it.

Right now I’m procrastinating my textbook reading for my marketing and photography classes and am instead working on a compilation of videos that inspire me in one way or another.


The colors in this video are gorgeous. New Zealand is near the top of my list of places that I want to travel to outside of the United States. The scenery there is stunning and I would love to be able to explore.

This video inspires me to appreciate the beauty of the world and everything around me. And also of course to travel.

This video is really cool because it’s sort of a stop motion style capturing of Paris. The style is really intriguing and seems a lot less daunting than some other video styles.

This video inspires me to learn new techniques of creation.

I love how happy this video makes me. This and the one below are so personal and fun. They make me smile to watch and to want to go on road trips. This summer I’m actually taking a road trip out to Seattle (hopefully!) and I’m so excited.

This video inspires me to do more.

I want to go to Big Sur so badly, it looks absolutely gorgeous there!

This video inspires me to visit more state and national parks and appreciate nature and all it has to offer.

Spoken Word/Vlog:

I love the different effects in this video. It’s a really simple style that I like a lot. Spoken word videos are moving and I love this poem. It’s awesome.

I love how simple this video is, yet how absolutely honest it is. I think spoken word and videos like this are very important aspects of making mental health less stigmatized and I would love to create honest and educational pieces like this.

This video inspires me to take more pictures, to preserve the memories that will one day be distant thoughts. I have boxes of pictures and they mean the world to me.


Nature videos are some of my favorite and this one wants me to work harder on noticing details and finding/setting up good shots. I love the lighting, there are certain times of day during each season that I find stunning for lighting. During winter it’s midmorning, when the light is bright and not quite above the trees yet.

This video is visually stunning, I love how Shawna overlays videos over each other. Water is one of my favorite elements and you can do so many creative things with it. I would love to learn how to overlay images in video.

Videos with an art piece created throughout are some of my favorites. Dodie’s songs are just plain lovely and this video is so unique.

Another stop motion video, like the Paris one. This one inspires me to not be afraid of time consuming projects because in the end they’ll be worth it. I can only imagine how long this one took but it turned out so great that I would love to try something like this someday.

Comedy/Short Film/Other:

This would be a cool type of project to work on. I really like short videos, they challenge people to get their point across quickly and I honestly wish Shawna had made a full length short film about this. It would have been so cool. Although like they said, all the good parts were shown in the trailer.

Simple, yet awesome video. To be honest I love outfit changes in things. The vintage vibe to this is really appealing and I think this is one of my favorite videos of Arden’s.

This would be a dream of mine to create a show like this. I love special effects, especially costumes and makeup, and this show is so cool!

Again with the special effects, so cool and these videos are so well made and I’m so inspired to work my hardest to create something like this.

Honestly all the videos in this section would be crazy to make, I want to say that I think I could one day make something like them but I’m honestly not sure. Ultimately I’d like to try to though! I just know I would definitely be behind the camera… Although on second thought, maybe making a short film would allow me to finally get back into acting.

If any of you happen to watch through all these videos, which one is your favorite? What types of things inspire you?

Have a lovely day everyone.