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Reading… My religion textbook. Attempting to work ahead because I have a few very busy weeks ahead of me before I get a break for spring break.

Listening… THE HAMILTON SOUNDTRACK. It’s amazing, just take my word for it, you won’t regret it. A musical about Alexander Hamilton, I may be a history geek but I think anyone could get to love the music, it’s so catchy!

Feeling… Tired yet wide awake. I’m writing this on Friday night in order to get some posts prepared so I can get back into the swing of blogging and I’ve had so much caffeine today but my soul is tired. I need some time to relax and not think about anything but that is a long ways off.

Drinking… Water. I’ve made it a goal of mine starting this week that I want to drink at least 64 oz. of water every single day. So far I’ve done it every day but today I fell behind. I still have another 32 ounces to go and it’s currently almost 8 pm. I’ll get it done, though, even if I have to chug a bunch of water before I go to sleep.

Eating… Not eating anything, but I’m tempted to make myself a bag of popcorn to snack on while I blog and do homework.

Watching… When I have a spare 20 minutes (hahahaha what a joke) I’ve been watching Fuller House. 

Thankful for… Technology and the ability to keep in touch with my best friend, boyfriend, and family even though I’m hundreds of miles away from them.

There’s a  little look into my life at the moment. Busy with school and consumed with coffee and papers and work. Trying to put in the effort to be more mindful. Drinking more water, taking vitamins every day, sleeping at least eight hours a night, and journaling on a regular basis.

I hope you all have a great day, I’ll talk to you next time.

About Me

Long Time No Blog

Hey everyone! Can’t believe I let myself neglect the blog for so long! I got so caught up in school that I haven’t posted anything in weeks! Definitely didn’t intend to let myself go this long without putting anything up here but I kept procrastinating and telling myself I would start posting again next week!

So I’m definitely going to get back into the swing of posting, I’m planning on prewriting quite a few posts just to have some things going up on my scheduled posting days even when I can’t actually take the time to write anything.

Right now I am currently sitting in the living room of my suite, working on my Deaf Culture midterm presentation and running through my to-do list for about the third time today. This is the first weekend in about a month that I have absolutely nothing planned going on so I fully intend to spend it getting ahead on all of my homework and catching up on all the blogging I have missed. (Who knows, maybe I’ll even be productive enough today that I can spend all day tomorrow reading!)

I hope you all have had a wonderful past few weeks and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things.

Enjoy your weekend!