Spring Has Sprung

If anyone were to ask me what my favorite season is, my automatic answer is fall. However, I find positives in every season and could find ways to make any season my favorite (except winter, I’m sorry but though there are things that I love about winter I could never automatically say that that is my favorite season, too cold!!!!). Anyways, now that we’re inching closer to summer (though it doesn’t feel that way at all!) I’d like to share with you my favorite parts about spring.

Also all of the pictures in this post were taken when I went to a conservatory with my best friend back in January!

First off, something that I love about spring is that you can finally start ordering iced coffee again without seeming weird, I mean I’ve learned that I can order it year round and just not care what other people think about me but as someone with that extreme anxiety you better believe that I still care! I just really prefer ordering iced coffee when I go to coffee places so it’s nice when the weather warms up and I can freely drink iced coffee without freezing my hands off.

Another thing I love about spring is not having to worry about wearing enough layers and also thinking about the logistics of bringing/wearing a jacket everywhere I go. In the same strain, I also get so happy about pulling out the old knock-off Birkenstocks to wear again. And y’all can judge me right now but I am 100% one of those people that wears socks with my birks when it’s still slightly too cold to wear them sockless!

Back to the clothes though, my favorite outfits are warm and cozy ones… Sweaters and leggings are such an easy go-to that I wear all the time. I like spring because it’s still cool enough most days to wear my favorite outfits but I don’t have to wear a super bulky winter coat over the top of it. Fun fact though, I’ve had my winter coat since I was in 7th grade, it’s almost 10 years old now but it’s still going strong! I hate the hassle of piling on hats, scarves, gloves, boots, and a coat every single day. And having to wear bulky boots everywhere is so annoying! I love being warm and cozy but I also like not feeling like my feet are trapped.

It’s also fun to start bringing out the sundresses again. But that’s more of a fun summer thing because I feel like half the time spring just jumps straight to summer here. There’s no in between time where I can wear sundresses with cardigans, I just go from being too cold to wear dresses to boiling in my clothes so I need to wear only dresses.

Spring also brings with it the start of hiking season! As soon as the ice is gone on the trails I try to go hiking as much as possible! My goal in the next few years is to go on at least one hike at every single state park in Minnesota and I’ve already made decent headway on that goal. I actually have a camping trip planned for later this summer and I’d like to try and plan at least one more if not two but I’ll have to see what plans I end up having for the summer.

Back to hiking in spring though. Hiking in spring is so nice because there are no bugs! Even if it’s a bit chilly it’s so easy to just add an extra layer or two and just keep moving to stay warm. The fact that mosquitoes aren’t eating me alive and I’m not breathing in gnats is so great. I don’t even care when I cover my boots in mud, no bugs makes up for it all!

The last thing that I really love about spring is that the days are finally getting longer. The extended sunshine makes it so much easier to have motivation to do stuff. Unfortunately my work schedule right now makes it so hard to make myself go to bed on time because I just want to enjoy a full day but I digress. I think this summer will involved a lot of me just being too exhausted to function at work because I’m going to stay up way past my bedtime to enjoy the final bits of sunshine every day. I also really love having rainy days instead of snowy ones! However, now that I drive I really hate having to drive in the rain! But rainy days are still my favorite nonetheless.

Just seeing the world start to turn green again every year instantly helps me start to shake away my winter blues. Every single day the trees outside get a little bit more green and it makes me so excited to start seeing so much green again. And it makes me even more excited to start seeing flowers too! The grocery stores around here have started setting up their outdoor plant sections and I love it! Bring on the plants!

So these are just a few of the things that I love about spring. It’s a season that brings about change and rain and sunshine and green. It makes me so happy and even though what comes next is the boiling heat of summer I still like spring!

What’s your favorite season? What parts of spring do you like best? What do you like the least?

Hope you all have a good day!