They say that time heals.

And sometimes I think that’s true.

I can finally listen to George Ezra again. I can finally wear my favorite dresses again.

I can drink chai tea and look at the moon and dream about the stars and my stomach no longer twists itself into knots.


But nothing you touched has ever healed.

No amount of time could ever touch it.

Parks and Rec just isn’t the same. Not since I was April and you were my Andy.

I still read every food label. Gluten hides in everything.

Chipotle makes me sad. Us sitting on that ledge and you happy dancing with your food. You happy was the best thing in the world. Your smile was pure sunshine.


I don’t know whether to wish for every memory of you to disappear because you were the best thing that ever happened to me.

Or just accept that no one I ever meet again will compare to you.

They tell you to fall in love with your best friend. And I did.

And it




I wish I could start it over again. I wish I could stop missing you. I wish I could stop loving you.

I think that even if time tried to touch you, I wouldn’t let it. I’ll just let it pass me by.

If time really heals I hope it heals you.