So I didn’t have anything ready to post today so I’m going to make a really short one about a daily news email that I get that I really like. TheSkimm sends out a newsletter every morning during the week. They summarize important news events in words that make it easy for me to understand. It’s exactly what it sounds like, “skims” of the important things going on that give you the basic rundown and plenty of links to do more research if you feel like it! Their website also has a lot of guides to big events that give you a lot more information than is included in the basic email. As they say they “do the reading for you -across subject lines and party lines- and break it down with fresh editorial content.”

Now, I hate reading the news, I never read it in fact. I don’t watch the news because it makes me sad so honestly, the only way I stay caught up on current events is with this newsletter.

Here’s a link to sign up for it!

You can also click the picture below!


I’ve been using this website/newsletter for about two years now, I’ll be honest I kind of suck at reading but now it’s about the only habit I have and stick to. At school I make my coffee and then sit at the kitchen counter reading it every morning before class. It takes about five minutes which is perfect because it fits so nicely into my morning routine. One of my favorite things is when they recommend books to read! I have a lot of books on my TBR thanks to them.

These women really inspire me as entrepreneurs and I love the work that they’re doing to get more people to stay caught up on current events, world news, and other important tidbits.

This company is relatively new and I’ve been following them as they grow and it’s honestly awesome and I highly recommend you guys using the link I’ve shared with you to sign up and start reading this starting Monday morning!

Hope you all have a fantastic day and a wonderful weekend.