Mini Reviews: 5 Modern Poetry Collections

In the past week I read a number of modern poetry collections. One in particular that I really wanted to review but since I read so many I decided to throw them all in this post and talk about them all at once with some mini reviews.

The Sweetest Kind of Poison by Katie Wismer


5/5 stars

Coming from someone who has been in more than one toxic relationship this book hurt me, so much. It was beautifully composed and every single poem stood out to me in one way or another.

I applaud Katie for speaking from her truth and publishing this. Talking about stuff like this can be so tough but I personally find it incredibly healing to read things that I can relate to knowing that I am not alone in my situation.

If you have ever been in a toxic relationship and you are able to read about the situation then I highly recommend this collection.

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Water Runs Red by Jenna Clare


2/5 stars

This was a really creative collection, with the photography and everything it was very pretty but that was about all I enjoyed about it. I found the poetry itself to be quite pretentious and I just didn’t connect to a lot of it.

One of my biggest issues was that the devil was referred to throughout the entire thing as “she” and from my perspective this was borderline misogynistic? Just because then there was a lot of faith talk where God remained a “He” and was the savior. It made me uncomfortable. I get that this book was supposed to be about mostly friend breakups but it came across more as girl hate than it did being emotionally distraught over losing a friend. The entire thing just felt so bitter and as someone who is trying to learn better at moving on form things that have hurt me, I couldn’t connect to this.

I also wasn’t a fan of how it bounced from these friendships to seemingly random poems about things like the 2016 election and colonization and the references to Taylor Swift and other pop culture just felt unoriginal I guess.

I think that a lot of people would love this, though, so I would still recommend it. And if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free.

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Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur


I finally picked up this to read. It was really cheap on the Kindle so I decided to give it a chance. I can see why it became such a huge phenomenon after publication. There were many poems in this that I found to be really well composed and that definitely struck a chord with me, however, I think that there were many where that fell flat for me.

This really didn’t impress me but it didn’t have any major glaring issues. I feel like as an introduction to modern poetry you could enjoy this.

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the witch doesn’t burn in this one by Amanda Lovelace


4/5 stars

I really liked the way that this started off reading like a fairytale. I think that if that vibe had really continued through the whole thing then I could have rated this five stars but in the end it just felt a bit thrown together. It went from feeling like storytelling to just writing poems about modern stuff.

Also, if I’m going to be truly honest in my review here, it seems like Water Runs Red took a lot of inspiration from this. Like it really felt as if the two could be combined into one collection and I wouldn’t be able to differentiate between the two.

I’m somewhat interested in picking up Amanda’s other poetry collections but I don’t think that I’ll do it anytime soon unless I could get a hold of a free copy.

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in the absence of the sun by Emily Curtis


5/5 stars

It took me a while to decide on my rating for this one. It was very short and I flew through it in a matter of minutes. I found the poems to be incredibly relatable to situations that I’ve been through and wow it just gave me all those feelings that I also have when I am awake too long after the sun goes down.

I think this collection did a really good job of capturing those thoughts that race through your head after the rest of the world has fallen asleep. I just wish there would have been some more poems included.

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I think I’m learning that a lot of what goes into my ratings for poetry collections is my overall emotion once I’m done reading it. After this marathon of reading poetry I will definitely be taking a break and don’t intend on picking up another poetry book any time soon. I definitely think I burnt myself out!

And now that it is finally September I would like to wish you all a happy pre-Halloween. Hoping to get up my August wrap up and favorites this week as well as finish all of my homework without having too many crying spells. I hope September treats us all well.

Author Adventures: Poetry

So I started writing a collection of poetry. I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m in that mindset where I feel like this industry is oversaturated with books and that nothing I write could ever contribute to something big. A lot of the poems that I have written are some of the rawest things I’ve ever written. It’s the kind of stuff that usually stays in my journals and never gets past those hand written pages.

And even writing these I wonder what the point in sharing them would be. It’s dark stuff and there’s just a lot of intimate detail about mental health struggles and toxic relationships.

My ultimate goal would be to self publish this collection but I definitely feel the pressure of criticism even though only one poem I’ve written has even made it out into the wild. And trust me, I know that not everything that I say is going to be of the taste of everyone that reads it but I try my best for perfection… Which is obviously impossible.

Honestly this makes me think back to high school during all of my more creatively based classes. Some of these classes I thrived in, though I usually had to force myself to turn in projects because it was never quite good enough for what I wanted to do. But then I took an AP art class my senior year and it completely ruined me. I wrote a post about that a few months ago. The words of that teacher ring through my head constantly when I post something that I am somewhat proud of.


I fucking hate the word trite.

Ever since then I feel like I have been set up for failure. And it doesn’t even matter how much praise I get for the creative work I do, it never feels good enough. I never realized just how much that year of criticism hurt me. It probably doesn’t help that there are hundreds of people out there just looking for things to criticize. Just looking for reasons to cancel people. I’ve been part of book twitter for a while and it genuinely makes me sick to my stomach to see how quickly people will blame someone for something and just want to ruin their whole career. And I feel like I can never speak out about things because I don’t want any backlash.

This is a time of overreaction and not listening to any explanation that anyone could possibly provide. It’s cancel them now and never change your mind. I don’t know, it all just overwhelms me. I’ve been tempted to get rid of all my social media completely but I mean, where else am I supposed to get my daily dose of memes?

And now that I have gone completely off topic of what I was originally writing about…. Yeah, so I’ve been writing a lot of poetry recently and I’d really like to publish it sometime either this fall or maybe this winter. I’ve started working on cover designs and so far I’ve finalized six poems. I’m hoping it turns into something that I feel is worth sharing.