I Love My Library

The library in my hometown is one of my all time favorite places to go. It’s bright and full of sunshine and green (what a happy color green is) and best of all, books. Even if I don’t go there for books I still enjoy my time immensely. It has such a unique smell too that I swear every time I walk into the building I immediately feel better no matter how I’m feeling.

I still have the original library card I got when I started coming here and I’ve even memorized the number (this has come in handy many many times because I almost never actually have my library card on my person). I’ve spent countless hours here over the years doing homework, browsing books, using the printers, and just hanging out people watching.

For years I exclusively browsed the children’s section, then moved to both that section and the YA (teen) section where I stayed for years. I honestly don’t think I even set foot in the adult section until I was almost 20. The past few times that I’ve visited the library, I’ve been browsing the adult section endlessly; it’s honestly a little (a lot) overwhelming! There are just so many books. Sometimes I want to burrow myself back into the teen section and stay there but I know that there are so many good books in the adult section that I need to suck it up and just accept that I’ll never leave the library empty handed.

Libraries are absolutely wonderful and I am so grateful to have grown up so near a great one. For many summers I would bike there frequently, stuffing my backpack full with as many books as it could handle. I’m hoping that this summer I’ll be able to get a bike so that I can start biking to the library again because it’s a great excuse for exercise and also the backpack is a very helpful limit in keeping me from bringing home too many books.

After my post about collecting or hoarding books I just really want to talk up libraries. They’re really important to a lot of people for more than just borrowing books. They’re places for gathering, a great resource for people who can’t regularly access internet or printers, and of course the books are there too. I think it’s really important to support your local library in some way shape or form, they’re a community staple for people everywhere!

Do you have a library that you love to go to?