Saturday Spotlight: Destination Truth & Expedition Unknown

So, as I tend to not put up posts on the weekends very much anymore I decided to try to dedicate some Saturdays to “Spotlight” posts. These posts are going to be about things (not books) that I love and want to showcase. For my first post, I’m going to be talking about my absolute favorite TV shows, hosted by the one and only Josh Gates.

For a very long time growing up, I was terrified of scary stuff. Like I couldn’t even listen to the show Ghost Hunters when it was on in the same room as me because I knew that I would have nightmares otherwise. Bad run ins with movies like Jurassic Park and Arachnaphobia turned me into a wimp when it came to scary things and it took me quite a long time to get over that.

I don’t even remember what changed it, honestly probably when I decided to watch Paranormal Activity and was absolutely scarred by how terrified I was… And yet I was hooked. I started watching Ghost Hunters, Lost Tapes, all that weird cryptid crap (not actually crap, I just felt like using alliteration there) and never looked back. So when I was watching the SyFy channel and an advertisement kept popping up about a haunted island of dolls, I decided that I needed to watch whatever show this was.


The Island of the Dolls was the first episode of Destination Truth that I ever saw, sitting huddled on a bed in my mom’s room with my little sister when I was 13. It changed everything.

Does that sound dramatic? Probably, but honestly it’s true. That was one of the first shows that I ever watched on a weekly basis, always setting aside the time to watch it. Yelling (albeit silently) every time they changed the air time or the air day. I. Was. Hooked.

If you have never heard of Destination Truth, it was a show that aired on the Syfy Channel from 2007 until 2012 where Josh Gates and a crew would travel the world and investigate supernatural or mysterious creatures. They looked for things like the Loch Ness monster, yetis, aliens, the Jersey Devil, and ghosts at a number of places. One episode included an entire paranormal investigation underwater and another had us following the crew to Antarctica. Even right now, when I rewatch episodes I can quote the intro word for word.

I’ve seen every episode multiple times and trust me when I say that I fully blame Josh Gates for getting me to believe in the yeti… And if I can manage to find it I’ll even insert a picture here that I took at the Expedition Everest ride in Disneyworld’s Animal Kingdom when I saw that they had a little blurb about Josh and crew finding that giant footprint from one of their episodes. I was probably a bit overexcited about seeing that there.

In 2015, the Travel Channel began airing a new show hosted by Josh called Expedition Unknown where Josh investigates various iconic mysteries throughout the world. The first ever episode was all about Amelia Earhart and since then they’ve gone on to showcase all kinds of things.


These shows were a huge jumpstart to my love of history and exploration. It even has sort of steered me towards the idea of wanting to get a degree in archeology someday too. I just think it’s crazy how much there is to discover about this world still. I could honestly probably talk about this stuff for days. Now I think I’m going to go rewatch some classic Destination Truth episodes because now I’m nostalgic.

BTW, thank you, Josh, for being such a huge inspiration to me. I’ve been a fan for ten years now (holy shit how) and I genuinely think my life would have been shaped very differently without these two shows.

I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life learning and adventuring. And if any of you reading this want to check out either of these shows I highly recommend watching either the Island of the Dolls episode or the Ghosts of Antarctica episode from Destination Truth (personally my favorites). And I really enjoyed the Amelia Earhart episode and the Hunting Vampires episode from Expedition Unknown.