Adventures With A Side of Espresso was created in 2015 by Carter in the summer between their senior year of high school and first year of university. It started and stopped and started again many times over the years but is still a place that Carter calls home.

The posts are unique, never quite fitting into one box but if you’re interested in any of the following stick around to check out some content!

  • Books
  • Hiking
  • Travel (especially if you’re interested in local adventures in Minnesota)
  • Lifestyle
  • Writing
  • Mental health
  • And more!

If you are interested in contacting Carter for book review purposes or for anything else, their email is: adventuresandespresso@gmail.com

You can also find them on Twitter @nihilisticactus (well, you can find the account there, they don’t really post on social media anymore) and on Goodreads at the link goodreads.com/adventuresandespresso

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