This Wasn’t the Post I Was Going to Make Today

As the title says, this wasn’t the post I had planned on making today. I had a review ready to go up but due to current events I’m making this post instead.

Trigger warnings for discussion of police brutality

On Sunday night in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota a 20 year old man named Daunte Wright was fatally shot by a police officer. The trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer who murdered George Floyd last year, just entered its third week miles from where this shooting occurred.

I’ve heard the statement “this doesn’t happen in Minnesota” too many times because no matter how many times people want to play the “Minnesota nice” card it doesn’t matter. These things do happen and have happened because the system is racist and no amount of reform or retraining is going to fix that.

Last year, I went to work in the predominantly white Minnesota suburb that my job is located in. The store next door had decided to put boards on their windows because of the protests and all day I watched as random people pulled into the parking lot to take pictures. All day I listened to my own customers say, “oh my god did something happen next door?” Among these the other comments spilled out:

This doesn’t happen in Minnesota

I hope nothing happens here

I can’t believe what they’re doing in Minneapolis

The comments of concern all centered around the city, the buildings, the inanimate things that could be fixed, rebuilt, or weren’t harmed in the first place. Not about the life of a man that was taken.

Now, another man has lost his life. The claims of accidents and warrants leave a bitter taste in my mouth. A warrant is not a death sentence.

Police violence is a plague. I’ve experienced it and I still replay that experience on a near daily basis. The only answer is to abolish the police.

Daunte Wright leaves behind a family. Among them are his girlfriend and almost 2 year old son. Below are some of the ways that can help support them.

I’ll update this post at a later time with other resources but for now I’ll end with this. I’ll talk to you all on Thursday.

Update 4/14: Here is a link to an article from Bustle with action steps that you can take to help demand justice for Daunte.

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