Books I’ve Changed My Ratings For: 2019

With this year coming to a close, I’ve started to go back and look at all of the books that I’ve read so far this year. As of today, I’ve read 95 books which is more than I have in over two years so I’m loving that!! When I was looking back at books that I’ve read this year, I found myself changing my thoughts about some of the books on the list. Some were changed in my initial rating (rereads) and others I’ve looked back at now and realized I’ve probably rated them too highly for my own liking.

I’ll start off with the rereads that I changed my rating on:

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


This used to be my absolute favorite book. I have read it over five times and was the book that always felt like “home” when I read it. But this last time that I picked it up I found myself annoyed with the characters and shocked to find that I actually really didn’t like the love interest. So while I will always have incredibly fond memories of this book, I rounded my rating down to 3 stars.

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen


Sarah Dessen is one of my autobuy authors (not gonna touch the drama that recently occurred with a ten foot pole, y’all, I started drafting this post before that happened and don’t want to talk about it). Her books always give me warm and fuzzy feelings and I look forward to every book that she releases. I’ve wanted to reread the books of hers that I have for a while now and also read the ones that I don’t yet have. So I picked up The Truth About Forever a while back and ended up changing my rating from 4 (3?) stars up to 5 stars! My critique of the book originally had been about the thoughts and behavior of the main character but during my reread I realized that the qualms I had with the main character made a whole lot of sense in the context of the book. So up to five stars it was!

Deep and Dark and Dangerous by Mary Downing Hahn


This is the last reread of mine that I ended up changing the rating for. The first time I read this book I was in middle school (or maybe even late elementary school, I can’t remember when this book was released) my original rating was 3 stars and after this reread I rounded it down to 2 stars. This is one book that hasn’t aged very well. I disliked the characters a lot and it just didn’t sit well with me by the time I was done reading. Not a big fan of it after rereading! Mary Downing Hahn is a spooky middle grade master but this is definitely not one of her best books.

So now I’ll move on to the books I’ver read this year that were new to me that I have since changed my thoughts about.

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

The Unhoneymooners

I’ve since read two more Christina Lauren books and didn’t enjoy either of them and I realized that although I really enjoyed the romance in this book, I had so many complaints about the rest of the book that my bubbly feelings about the other parts can’t really hold up to the 4 star rating I gave it. If I gave half star ratings it would be a 3.5 but I’ve decided to just round down to 3.

Radio Silence by Alice Oseman


I think that I was caught up in the emotions when I first read this and I’m actually still trying to decide how I want to rate this. Right now I’m only going to be rounding down from a 5 to a 4 star but after reading Eliza and Her Monsters I just feel like Radio Silence will never stand up to that. I was definitely bored multiple times throughout reading Radio Silence and I felt like there wasn’t enough character development by the end of the book. It probably doesn’t help that I don’t actually remember what happened in this book…… YAY for memory problems!! But I’m just going to go with 4 stars for now.

Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey


Well. I think that I was far too generous with this book by giving it 2 stars. Down to 1. fucking little sister tit weirdness bullshit. Can’t handle. Nope nope. Not worthy of a second star.

The Dead Girls Club by Damien Angelica Walters


So I rated this immediately after finishing reading it and I have no idea why I rated it 4 stars. Within hours I was like “yeah no this is totally a 3 star book”. This book is still not out yet (comes out in December) and so I can’t talk about too much that happens because spoilers but in the end this was a pretty average thriller. I think the concept was interesting and I enjoyed seeing how everything fell together by the end of the book but I wasn’t overly impressed.

I’m not sure how many more books I’ll make it through this year. Every book I pick up I end up just setting it back down. Seasonal things are hitting me hard and I’m feeling really discouraged with a lot so I basically spend my time rewatching Supernatural and then sleeping.

My super tiny wrap-up/mini reviews for November will be up on Wednesday!




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I’ve never done a review like this before, but I definitely agree with Fangirl. I loved it the first time, but a second reread fell flat. Though it was more the flatmate for me, and the sister

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Yeah, none of the characters in Fangirl really stood the test of time after this last reread. Disappointing for sure but I’m also kind of glad I’m not looking at it through rose colored glasses. I hadn’t planned on doing this post but I was going through my list of books for the year for a different post and realized that I had more than a few that I felt needed different ratings so I figured I might as well make a post about them!

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