My Favorite Videos To Watch (Play in the Background) While Reading

In a huge turn of events, I have started to quite quickly lose my ability to concentrate on reading anything if I have any background noise in which words are being spoken. This has never been an issue for me in the past and while I’m definitely sad that I can no longer mindlessly listen to a show on Netflix while I read, the situation has turned me on to some new videos that I want to share with you today!

Before, I would put on shows like Parks and Recreation or something short like that or as of late have really enjoyed watching reading vlogs. The only issue though is that now I’ve started to get caught up on the words that are being spoken instead of being able to zone them out. Cue me then reading the same sentence four times and still not being able to understand it.

But since I don’t do well with absolutely no background noise, I’ve turned to “aesthetic” background noise type videos in order to get by and still be able to read. This post was actually inspired in part by Zoe Herdt’s (readbyzoe on Youtube) newest video where she just reads in real time:

I actually watched this three times on Sunday while I was working on getting some reading in for various blog posts! It’s so peaceful and I really hope that she makes more like this. It felt like I was just sitting around reading with a friend and I loved it!

Some of the other videos I’ve found that I absolutely love are these:

These all have been super helpful for me in trying to be more productive with reading and give me that much needed background noise that my brain requires. Also these videos are all so creative and wonderful and I’m very grateful for the content creators who made them! Like that Howl’s Moving Castle themed video is six hours long!! Amazing!

So with that, I’ll sign off and get back to reading because I’m quite behind and have much to do. Talk to you all tomorrow!

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I never knew this was a thing!!! I just randomly clicked on the autumn porch video and omg it sounds great!! Some days I don’t want to read with my instrumental music playing but I also want something to distract from the background noise of where I live and that type of video is perfect!!! Thank you sooooo much for this post!! I’m gonna save all of these videos now :))))))

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