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On Being A Night Owl

Since the end of January now I’ve been working a full time job that requires me to be there at 7 AM Monday-Friday. If all of my posts on burnout and stress over the past few months weren’t an indication enough, I’m not a huge fan of my hours. And don’t get me wrong, for the most part my job is actually pretty great (apart from customers who make me cry and sexually harass me…) and the hours help me avoid having to drive during rush hour but I am not and in no way will I ever be a morning person.

Over the years I have definitely strived to be a morning person, oh I’ve tried so much, but it just doesn’t happen. I can get up comfortably at like 8 or 9 but before that I am one cranky person. Ever since I was a baby I didn’t sleep well at night and over the years that just kind of stuck. I’m actually a big fan of calm and peaceful mornings, cozy beds and big cups of coffee, but it takes a lot of effort in order to be truly productive in the morning. Being awake with enough time to do a full face of makeup and eat breakfast are great but also sleep is much better. Honestly, most mornings I roll out of bed with about twenty minutes to get out the door. I usually do my makeup in my car in the parking lot when I get to work!

At night is when I truly find my energy. It honestly really sucks because I tend to get my energy up right around dinnertime and then almost immediately have to force myself to go to bed. This summer sucked because I was in bed before the sun set most days 😦

I truly love the weekends even when it does completely screw up my sleep schedule. The freedom to stay up as late as I want is amazing. I get so much reading done! I love the peacefulness of a setting sun… When it comes to sunrises now I just get stressed out, it feels like there’s too much that must get done and I have to start rushing. A sunset indicates the end of the day and time to finally enjoy some peace.

I definitely don’t think that I could ever be nocturnal (tried it once, slightly enjoyed it but going to work at 8 PM did get quite stressful) but I feel like I thrive in the dark. Which makes work suck even more because while I enjoy getting 8-9 hours of sleep every night, I feel like I’m missing out on so much of my “me-time”. I genuinely miss staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning working on crazy craft projects or watching TV or reading.

And now, thinking back on high school… I have to wonder how I ever survived it. I would stay up until 3 AM multiple nights a week and then be up and in class by 8:30 AM and then straight to work a few days a week until 7 PM and so on and so forth. Also I really wonder where I would be right now if I had actually channeled all those late nights into something productive instead of just screwing around on Tumblr and YouTube… I guess I did cry over physics homework a lot too but still. Imagine the potential I had that I just wasted!

So I guess this post was just me lamenting about how much I miss being able to stay up late… Those were good times and I really can’t wait to have a different job where I can go back to all my late night shenanigans with no issues. Oh the qualms of a night owl who has to fit herself into a early bird box *cries forever*

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