An Open Letter to Managers

Dear Managers and Other Members of Management,

Ever wonder why your turnover rate for employees is really high? Or why people don’t like talking to you about problems regarding their job? Or why no one ever wants to cover shifts or come in for more hours? I’m going to be honest and level with you now… It’s because of you.

Now yes, there could be other reasons. Some jobs are hard to keep employees for, especially if you are employing people in positions that mostly high schoolers or college students work. People leave and it happens, but you should still be able to find people that want to stay. Your college students should want to come back to you next school year or next summer. Your high schoolers should want to work with you until they graduate. You should probably be wondering why you have people in upper level positions leaving so quickly too.

Good managers build employees up, they take the time to make sure that training is done correctly and they recognize that mistakes happen. When you are constantly telling people how bad they’re doing, when you critique every little wrong thing that happens it hurts. How can you expect an employee to come in day after day when they think they can do no right? And I know how frustrating it is to have people make mistakes and then have to clean up after them but that’s what you got into by agreeing to become a manager. So instead of yelling at them or sending out passive aggressive messages or phone calls, politely explain what they’re doing incorrectly and teach/tell them how to do something correctly. And if the mistakes continue then discuss with them how they need to do something differently or that you’ll be taking further disciplinary action in order to help them understand that they can’t keep doing what they’re doing.

At this point, I’ve worked at a number of companies that have been filled with very poor management. And at some point, I might share my stories about the abuse that my fellow coworkers and I endured (because trust me, it’s really bad).

The management is what matters, and if you are a poor manager then I don’t pity you. I don’t pity the extra hours you have to put in to fix the mistakes that your employees make. I don’t pity the time you have to put into hiring countless new employees and training them. I don’t pity you. You deserve every bad thing that comes your way. Why? Because your employees are people too and they deserve to be treated like that. They don’t deserve to be treated as lesser and they will never be deserving of that treatment.

So to everyone in management out there. Think about your company and your employees. If you want your company to thrive, learn how to treat your employees better or eventually you’re going to suffer. Treat others the way that you would want to be treated. I’m sure you don’t want to be talked down to and yelled at constantly so why do that to your staff?

Learn and grow. Be better people.


A mentally exhausted employee.

P.S. To those reading this, after also posting a rant post on Saturday I promise that I’ll try and write some cheery and fluffy posts this week to make up for some angry posts!

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