Discussion: You’re Going to Be Okay

I just finished reading You’re Going to Be Okay by Holley Gerth and I loved it! I took three pages of notes and I wanted to talk to you about how much I appreciated this book.

I’ve never been one to believe in the whole “just think positive” scheme of making yourself better and I think Holley did a wonderful job in balancing this way of thinking with actions. We’re pretty good at making things worse than they actually have to be but at the same time we also don’t have to wait for our circumstances to change to believe what’s true.

We are loved. We are overcomes. We are enough. We have purposes. And we are irreplaceable.

I liked that she talked about how our brains are muscles and with muscles comes flexibility but in order to make our muscles flexible we actually have to work with them. It just takes intentional change and obedience to the Spirit to learn to live in joy. We need to stop our negative thoughts in their tracks, drop them, and then roll with the situation. After that we should process and reflect and then pray. I’ve found in the past day or so as I’ve been using this way of thinking that it really works if you’re intentional with it.

What we really need to do is recognize the battles in our lives for what they are and then take one small step towards becoming out own allies instead of our own worst enemies. Honestly though, we are the best ally we can have and if we’re against us then how could we ever believe that God could be for us (at least this is my way of thinking). See, what is truly from God is not meant to weigh us down so if something is weighing you down pause and reflect and see where that negativity and pain is really coming from. Worry and fear come from believing a lie about who God is.

The last thing I want to talk about is that God dwells in us which means we have have “life to the full” wherever we go. Joy is a gift for us and we can always have it even if we aren’t happy all the time. We are climbers and we are not meant to settle so trust that whatever has been entrusted to you is what is best for this time. Worrying is an attempt to control what we can never control. Remember that with faith as little as a mustard seed you can move mountains.

I highly encourage this book for anyone who is struggling with a rough time right now, or just for everyday stressors. It’s a great way to process what is happening and see what God really intends for us.

I hope you’re all doing well.




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