Green Screen Portrait

So I had to do a project for a class of mine in which I took a picture of myself in front of a green screen and then used Sony Vegas to Chroma Key myself into a picture (honestly I’m guessing on the verbage in this sentence so yeah).

This is the picture that I ended up with:


Oooo so dangerous for me to be walking on those rocks like that!

Anyways, it reminded me of a project that I did in high school in which we had to insert ourselves into a scene and create a surrealist scene based off of an idiom. I chose the idiom “graveyard shift” and here is my final rendering of the project. (Okay, it’s actually not the final project, the final one was upside down because that was supposed to be the “shift”.


I took all of these pictures at various cemeteries around my hometown and then I dressed myself up as a ghost (makeup and all) and created this. I remember how much fun I had creating it and there’s still a list in one of my old journals of all the other idioms that I wanted to emulate if I had had the chance.

I just think it’s so interesting what you can create with different programs and just how art evolves or changes from over the span of years.

Hope you all have a great day.




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