So I wasn’t supposed to title this post “exam” so hey, this is totally not an exam. Just so you all know that (it’s totally an exam. I’m lying to all of you.)

This post is all about creation and early media! Woo!

So in listening to all the other presentations that my class did I actually learned what my creation story belief would be called! Theistic evolution. It is a very self explanatory term in my mind and I’m shocked I’ve never heard about it before… Although I guess creation is a super touchy subject in good ole public school so I probably shouldn’t be that surprised. I really think it’s interesting just how many different forms of belief there are. And the creation stories are even more interesting. So what is the beginning? No one really knows. What does everyone believe? Basically anything and everything which is really cool! Like there’s one group of people who believe that the earth is being carried around on the back of a giant turtle. I’m reading a book right now about the Aboriginals who believe that the world was sung into existence (which I think is such a beautiful creation story, that everything has it’s own song).

I think it’s important to realize that science doesn’t make you an atheist and that belief in one true God doesn’t make you a science hater. Belief and science can coexist really well together if you let them (or at least that’s what I believe).

So I’ll stop rambling on now and leave off with a link to a timeline that highlights fifty key points of early media history up until the creation of the printing press.


Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day and I hope you enjoyed this really academic bonus Friday post!




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