In Medias Res: An Introduction

For those of you who have read my “About Me” page, you should remember that I’m a sophomore student at the College of Saint Scholastica. I’m majoring in communications and history and as part of my comm major I have to take a media literacy class.

From here on out, any post beginning with “In Medias Res” in the title means that it is for my media literacy class! Or future comm classes!

In Medias Res means: into the midst of things, into the middle of a narrative, without preamble. This term comes from an ancient Roman poet named Horace. He advised the aspiring epic poet to go straight to the heart of the story instead of beginning at the beginning. (Source)

See, we’re born into the middle of the story. People came before us and people will come after us. We live our own narrative in the midst of a greater story.

To me, living in the middle of one big story is amazing. To think that I am just one blip, one word on this page. The reason I decided to title this series “in medias res” is because I feel like in order to navigate the world we live in we have to realize that we are so small and that there is so much we don’t know.

We have to walk around like we’ve nailed it, like we know exactly who we are and what we are doing and in my opinion it’s almost impossible to do that yet we try to do it anyways.

I hope you enjoy my attempt to figure out just what’s up with the world we live in.

Have a nice night.




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