Today I Feel… Renewed.

Hi everyone!

I know, long time no talk. I’m not going to make excuses about my absence, although I’m sure not many of you even noticed I was gone. However, I do want to say that I’m back and that I plan on sticking around a little bit better from here on out. I’ve really got no plans on posting, or what I want to talk about, but I do know that I found this platform to be a really enjoyable place to post about my life and the things I enjoy so I figured I’d use this wonderful little blog to share my thoughts with the world.

On Sunday I moved into an apartment here on campus and today I began my sophomore year of college. My second year of college! I’m just as shocked as most of my family is! I feel like just yesterday I was crying in the bathroom on the first day of kindergarten because I got toothpaste all over the front of the dress that I so desperately wanted to wear to school (don’t worry though, I had a matching shirt and skirt and I changed into and it all went swimmingly).

As I begin to write new posts for this blog, I really want to focus on things that I like and I figure my posts are going to end up being incredibly random but hey, that’s my life.

So to finish out this little post, I figured I’d reintroduce myself to you all.


Hey everyone, my name is Amelia and I’m a student at the College of Saint Scholastic. I’m majoring in history and communications and I really want to become a museum technician or a librarian. I love history, crocheting, coffee, photography, God, my siblings, my boyfriend, books, the great outdoors, and so so much more. I hope that you all enjoy my content, grab some coffee, sit back, and stay awhile. I’d love to chat with you so don’t hesitate to comment on any of my posts. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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