Throwback Thursday: Sealife Aquarium

Junior year of high school I got a “rain check” ticket for the Sealife Aquarium at the Mall of America and I ended up waiting almost a year after getting it to use it. I literally used it three days before it was supposed to expire. So here is a compilation of some of the pictures while I was there!


This was the walkway in one of the areas.

Jellyfish Room Entrance

My favorite part of the aquarium would have to be the jellyfish room. This is part of the entrance. It had really cool lights and awesome “glowing” illustrations.

Jellyfish Room

The room itself had mirrors all around the outside so that it looked like it was a lot bigger than it actually was. It was also very dark and some of us (me) had issues with the illusion… I definitely almost walked into the walls multiple times.

Jellyfish Room 2

Here’s a better picture of the jellyfish tanks.


The lights in the tank kept changing colors too, so it looked like the jellyfish were changing. Surprisingly all the pictures I took were when the lights were red/pink. I honestly could have stood in there for hours watching them swim around.


There’s one last jellyfish picture for you.


One of the other rooms full of tanks had a ton of seahorses.

Coral and Anenomes

There were quite a few smaller tanks with fish and coral and anemones in them. These are always some of my favorites, such beautiful colors!

Now the main part that most people love to see is the tunnel. It’s basically a giant fish tank that you walk through. It curves up over everyone’s heads and you can see all the big fish swimming around in it. I tried to get as many pictures as I could while walking through there but most of them turned out blurry. It was very busy and very hard to hold not only my phone still to take the pictures but also hold still while people were walking all around me.

Here are the pictures I did manage to take.


Here’s one of the turtles they have. I know a lot of the animals they have in this tank are rescued ones that were injured in some way and wouldn’t be able to survive on their own.


There’s the last picture I was able to snag! It was just laying on the glass right above us! Such a cool experience.

If you ever have a chance to go to this aquarium I highly recommend it, it’s small but definitely has a lot of things worth seeing.

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