Look What I Found!

My sister and I went biking the other day and stumbled across this cute little fairy garden set up along the trail.

There was a sign that asked people to add whatever they wanted and to arrange it as they pleased, but to respect it and not to take anything. My sister and I fixed it up to make it neat and then left, I unfortunately didn’t have anything to leave for the garden.

The entrance was my favorite part, it had a trellis, a gate, a button path, and a little mailbox that had some letters inside it.

There was also this tiny weathervane that I had to take a picture of. I love little details like this!

It was such a treat to find this, it definitely made our trip just that little bit more fun. I love stuff like this, little fairy gardens and houses. My grandparents have a tree that my sister and I had named Tinkerbell’s house years ago and we’ve kept it decorated and clearly marked ever since. These are so creative and such a cute idea!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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